Club Repair & Assembly School

Club Repair & Assembly School

3-Day school teaches modern club repair and assembly techniques, bench skills for the latest club designs, basic frequency matching, and general shaft principles using Mitchell® Golf professional grade equipment.

Attend the Club Repair & Assembly School and the Club Performance Fitting & Shaft Technology School to receive Master Certification.

Pre-Pay Price: $399.00


3-Day School | Limited To 12 Students
Club Repair & Assembly teaches the techniques and skills to properly analyze golf club components. Students work with and learn how to use state-of-the-art club repair equipment from Mitchell Golf such as, Steelclub® and TourGauge® Angle Machines, Steelclub® graphite shaft pullers, BenchVac workbench, TourGauge® Swing Weight Scale and Mitchell® grip stations. Furthermore, students use all hand tools needed for repairing today’s golf clubs. Students spend majority of time with hands-on work activities in club repair technology lab outfitted like a Tour Van repair shop. Even if you have attended other repair schools or are self taught this school will make you a more efficient professional and profitable repair technician.


  • Gripping
    • Terms & Descriptions
    • Installation Methods
    • Grip Types & Materials
    • Grip Sizes
      • Learn Proper Measuring Method
      • Learn Custom Sizing
    • Grip Weights & Sorting
    • Grip Tapes & Sizes
    • Learn Tour Van Tape Removal Technique
    • Grip Removal Methods
  • Repair Techniques & Bench Skills
    • Terms & Descriptions
    • Shaft Removal
    • Using Shaft Puller
    • Head Prep Techniques
    • Shaft Prep Techniques
    • Tip Abrading Techniques
    • Shaft Cutting
    • Shaft Tipping
    • Measuring Club Length
    • Bore-Thru Finishing
    • Swing Weighting
    • Fixing Rattles In Head & Shaft
    • Assembly- Build Driver, #6 & #9-Irons
    • Epoxy Types & Use With Glass Beads & Black Dispersion
    • Using Propane Torch & Heat Gun
    • How To Remove Heat Discoloration From Hosels
    • Ferrule Installation & Turning
  • Club Head Design
    • Terms & Descriptions
      • Moment of Inertia (MOI)
      • Center of Gravity (CG)
      • Sole
      • Grooves
        • V-Groove
        • New USGA Rules
  • Metallurgical Properties
    • Types of Metals
    • Heat Treating/Annealing
  • Learn Evolution Of Club Head Specifications
  • Loft, Lie, Face & Bounce Angles
    • Terms & Descriptions
    • Debunking Myths
      • 17-4 Stainless Steel Can Be Bent
      • Metal Woods & Hybrids Can Be Bent
      • Heating Hosels
    • Learn Proper Club Head Registration
    • Learn How To Measure Loft, Lie & Face Angles on Irons, Hybrids, Metal Woods & Putters
    • Learn Modern Bending Techniques
    • Adjust Loft & Lie Angles On Irons & Putters
    • Adjust Lie & Face Angles On Metal Woods & Hybrids
    • Club Head Clamping
    • Compare Manufacturers Specifications
    • Bounce Angle
  • Golf Shafts
    • Learn Complete Shaft Preparation & Installation
    • Graphite Shaft Removal & Re-Use
  • Lengthen & Shorten Clubs
    • Learn Basic Frequency Matching
    • Hands-On Steel & Graphite Shafts Exercises
  • Certification Exam
    • Exam Features Both Hands-On & Written Portions For Certifications

No Experience Required

Receive Certificate of Training
'Certified Club Repair & Assembly Technician'

PGA & LPGA Members Receive MSR Education Credits

PLEASE NOTE: Do not make travel arrangements until your enrollment is confirmed. If class is full, you will be contacted for an alternate date.