FlightScope X3 Portable Golf Launch Monitor

All new design

  • Fusion Tracking technology: technology that combines tracking radar and image processing
  • Multi-frequency radar: Direct distance measurement for more accurate ball flight and club tracking
  • Chipping & putting data: Short game tracking to complete game improvement
  • Built-in image processing: Boresight camera for radar and image processing, data fusion
  • Improved Wi-Fi: Connect multiple listener devices through an existing Wi-Fi network
  • Modern design: Thin, slick and portable


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Taking your golf game to the next level takes grit and the ability to measure every aspect of your game, from your swing at the tee to your putting and chipping. Using the FlightScope X3 Portable Golf Launch Monitor is like having the best golf ball flight tracking system and golf swing radar in one device. Its Fusion Tracking technology combines multi-frequency radar and image processing technologies to provide you with one of the most accurate golf swing training aids a pro golfer or trainer can buy. With ball launch and flight data, club and swing stats and short game tracking, you’ll have all the measurements you need to perfect your entire game.


  • Fusion Tracking technology integrates radar, a boresight camera, and image processing to ensure advanced, accurate tracking
  • Multi-frequency radar offers direct distance measurement to create a precise golf ball flight tracking system, as well as a complete golf club tracking device
  • Helps improve a golfer’s game with ball launch and flight data, such as launch speed, vertical launch angle, horizontal launch angle, vertical descent angle, smash factor, spin rate, spin axis, carry distance, total distance, lateral landing, apex height, flight time, shot dispersion, skills distance to pin and skills score
  • Club and swing data, including club head speed, club speed profile, club acceleration profile, face to path, face to target, dynamic loft, angle of attack, club path, spin loft, swing plane horizontal, swing plane vertical and low point, lets golfers and their instructors pinpoint areas for improvement
  • Short game tracking provides chipping and putting data, allowing golfers to improve their entire game with measurements like launch speed, launch direction, total distance, distance to pin, holed (Y/N), club head speed, smash factor, centeredness of impact, in miss range (Y/N), within landing area (Y/N), fly distance, skid distance and roll distance
  • Wi-Fi permits multiple devices to be connected through an existing network
  • Thin, modern design for easy transport and set up on the golf course

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