About Our Technology

Mitchell Golf Technology

All Mitchell Golf Equipment Company products are engineered, manufactured, and assembled at our plant in Albion, Michigan, U.S.A.

Five patents and 3 trademark registrations protect the intellectual property rights of our products.

STEELCLUB® Angle Machines changed golf club technology just like the Golf Pride slip-on replacement grips did. The design unlocked the secret to correctly measure club head angles and bend cast irons, hybrids, metal woods and putters. Custom fitted golf clubs were not popular with manufacturers in 1988, but today every major club manufacturer has a custom fitting program.

STEELCLUB® Angle Machines have played a major role in creating the custom club-fitting trend by providing accurate loft & lie angle adjustments at the time of purchase. Club manufacturers recognize that golfers want custom fitted clubs and with the STEELCLUB® Technology golfers get them.

Our company motto is “Excellence Without Compromise”. Quality products are not expensive when you buy “excellence”. Our products perform to our claims.

Before you buy we suggest you compare the quality of our products to those imported by our competitors. We encourage you to make a sound investment in your business.