Dynamic Lie Fitting

Interpreting Impact Marks On Iron Soles

The following diagrams illustrate the range of patterns for typical lie imprints. Note that the imprint illustration moves from the leading edge to the rear of the club’s sole. This indicates that the clubface is closed on the leading edge and open on the rear edge. Further note that the imprint has moved from the toe to the heel of the club. This indicates that the club is too flat when marked on the toe and too upright when on the heel. The ideal mark will be an imprint in the center of the sole from heel to toe and from leading edge to rear of sole.

These are only 3 combinations of impact marks. Many more can occur. It is important to understand how to read impact marks. The face plane must be considered. Do not just read heel to toe relationship to determine lie fitting recommendations. Disregard marks that appear on leading and trailing edges.