Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • When adjusting loft and lie of irons, should one be changed before the other? In other words, should I adjust the loft first and then the lie? Or lie first? If so, why one before the other?
    • It’s just personal preference. You can actually do both at the same time by positioning the bending bar in the position to adjust. Most importantly, verify you have hit your target numbers. It’s possible to change the loft accidentally when making a lie adjustment. It’s always essential to have a starting reference point. Verify the loft and lie numbers are where you want them after each bend.


  • Is there a difference between bending cast vs. forged clubs on Mitchell Machines? If so, what are the differences and recommendations to keep in mind?
    • Mitchell Golf angle machines are designed to accommodate both cast and forged clubs. The important aspect to remember is that the materials used in the Mitchell machines need to be a harder material than the golf club that is being altered. Cast clubs will require more effort to bend and you will need to be more cautious when making adjustments. We do offer additional options to limit marring on forged clubs (brass sole rests, aluminum top clamps, brass bending bar). It’s important not to use the brass bending bar on cast clubs, since the cast club is a harder material than the brass, the bending bar will break over time.


  • I am looking to purchase a Mitchell Golf loft & lie machine on a budget. Do you offer used/refurbished machines?
    • We do offer preowned machines at times, typically after putting them through our refurbishing process. It’s worth noting that our available stock of these machines can vary greatly. We did not have many preowned models this last year. All of the refurbishing is done in our Albion, MI facility. We do keep a waiting list for preowned machines. Contact us anytime if you would like to be added!