How To Use A Graphite Shaft Puller

After removing the ferrule, load the club into the puller with the hosel of the club against the hosel stop. After clamping the shaft securely, turn the club head pulling T-Handle to apply a slight amount of pressure against the hosel. Then apply heat to the hosel with either a propane torch or heat gun. Apply heat until the epoxy bond is broken, then turn the T-Handle clockwise. If the epoxy bond is not broken, apply more heat for a few more seconds and test again. If the epoxy bond is broken, the head will come off. You must apply enough heat to break the epoxy bond. Shaft epoxy breaks down at about 250 degrees Farenheit. The resin in the graphite shaft is not affected until the temperature reaches approximately 350 degrees Farenheit.

Remember, if the epoxy bond is not broken, the head will not pull off.

Using Puller Adapter With Graphite Shaft Puller

Use adapter to pull shafts from clubs with no hosel that have ferrule bushings. Load club in puller and allow enough room for Puller Adapter between club head and the hosel stop on the Graphite Shaft Puller. Heat club head to break epoxy before installing Puller Adapter.

IMPORTANT: Install Puller Adapter after epoxy has been broken. This prevents damage to the Teflon Insert of the Adapter. It is also recommended to use Cool Gel to protect club head and the Puller Adapter Teflon Insert from excessive heat.

Align the long slotted opening in the Teflon Insert with the slot in the Metal Sleeve. Slip both pieces of the Puller Adapter over shaft with the 14-degree angle end of the Teflon Insert facing towards the club head. Rotate the Metal Sleeve so the slotted opening is not positioned the same as the slotted opening in Teflon Insert. This prevents the Teflon Insert from deforming during use.

Turn the Extractor Handle until the hosel stop on the Graphite Shaft Puller applies pressure on back of Metal Sleeve. If club head will not come off, remove Puller Adapter and repeat heating process. When epoxy is broken re-attach the Puller Adapter and extract the club head. Be patient, some clubs will require several attempts before the epoxy is broken.