Mitchell® Golf Publishes Schools for 2013

Mitchell® Golf Equipment Institute

DAYTON, OH – Mitchell® Golf Equipment Institute (MGEI) completed its final Master Club Performance Technology School of 2012 on December 7th. Just like each class before it, students came from all around the world to fill each seat. The Master School proved to be a huge success in the MGEI schedule because it combines every aspect of club repair, fitting and performance into one accelerated curriculum. The following students were in attendance:Marcus Priest of Carpinteria CA; Steve Wetzel of Allen, TX; Mark Christie of West Hempstead, NY; Matthew Heiser of Hawthorn Woods, IL; Sam Merenda of Rancho Cucamonga, CA; Perry O’Keefe of Hannon, Canada; Jeff Olive of Tumwater, WA; Kheonhee Park of Las Vegas, NV; Yong Wook Lee of Las Vegas, NV; James Tang of Daytona Beach, FL; Glen Kirk of Daytona Beach, FL and Wei Li of Beijing, China.

MGEI Master School

MGEI will add two new schools in addition to the Master Class. The Club Performance Fitting & Shaft Technology School and Club Repair & Assembly School will complement the Master School by breaking down the curriculum into two schools if students cannot attend for 6 straight days.

The next Master School starts on January 7th, 2013 and seats are already becoming increasingly limited. Please visit or call 800-437-1314 to register. The current 2013 schedule is listed below:

  • Master School (6 days): January 7th, February 11th, March 11th, April 22nd, May 13th
  • Club Performance Fitting & Shaft Technology School (4 days): March 25th
  • Club Repair & Assembly School (3 days): June 3rd

About Mitchell® Golf Equipment Institute

Mitchell® Golf conducts the golf industry’s premier training school for trade professionals to learn the proper skills for club performance, repairs and fitting. Mitchell® Golf Equipment Institute offers training schools designed by PGA professionals for industry professionals wanting to enhance their competitive skills. For further information concerning Mitchell® Golf training schools call 800-437-1314 or email


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