Brandon Carr

Brandon Carr has been with Mitchell Golf for nearly four years. If you think that name sounds familiar, you are correct! Brandon is the son of Tom Carr, Mitchell Golf’s head of production. Both Brandon and Tom have been instrumental in Caster Concepts’ acquisition of Mitchell Golf and its move to Albion, Michigan in late 2016. Brandon has stepped up in his role of assembly, production and shipping. He is willing to learn new things and help in various areas of the shop. Brandon is quite knowledgeable about Mitchell Golf products and has even started training our newest employee on how to build Angle Machines, shaft pullers, motors and more.

When Brandon isn’t busy working in Michigan, he enjoys spending his weekends at home in Ohio. He is happiest at the race track, as he is an avid drag racer with his 1988 Chevy truck, which he rebuilt himself. Brandon also enjoys spending time with his family – especially with his young nieces.

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