Club Performance Fitting Becomes Mobile

Club Performance Fitting

Club fitting has progressed from its infancy some 30 years ago of using a lie board to using launch monitors. Even though launch monitors have been around for several years, its use is now more common. The software has become friendlier to use and the cost and portability of launch monitors has made it practical for golf professionals and club fitters to use them with their club sales and fitting programs. Especially with launch monitors interfacing with smartphones and tablets.


Because of launch monitors, a new trend has emerged. It’s called Club Performance Fitting. In technical terms, “club performance fitting” is defined as “matching club head performance (size, loft, lie and face angle) to shaft performance (length, flex, weight, bend point and frequency) and grip performance (size, type and material) with a golf ball that produces the highest ball speed launched at the optimum angle with the appropriate spin rate producing ideal ball flight.”


This new trend is growing because every day golfers are now demanding the same advantage of matching club head, shaft, grip and ball like tour pros receive from club manufacturers. As a result, some club fitters at green grass facilities are providing a mobile fitting experience to achieve this.


Becoming Mobile

These club fitting professionals utilize a launch monitor, a shaft frequency meter, angle machine, grip station and other small measuring tools for this new fitting experience. The process is designed to improve the performance of the golfer’s existing clubs.


By testing different shafts with metal woods that have adjustable hosel adapters, launch monitor data can then be compared to determine the best results. This can be verified using a frequency meter to define the flex characteristic of the different shafts. Ball flight data for irons can be analyzed with immediate angle adjustments made. Ideal grip size can be measured and a new grip installed for testing and comparing results.


How is this accomplished? Utilizing mobile golf cart stand, fitting machines/tools can be used on the range to retrofit a golfer’s set of clubs. The golf cart stand easily attaches to the bag well and fits most golf carts.


Mobile golf cart stand is an alternative to the expensive learning centers that some facilities built on their practice range. Golf course facilities that don’t have learning buildings can offer same club fitting services by being mobile with fitting machines/tools.


Similarly the mobile golf cart stand offers fitting opportunities for adjusting lofts on wedges to gap distances. As well as setting lie angles of iron clubs for better ball flight control, re-gripping for proper sizing, comparing shaft frequency for ideal flex characteristics, comparing lie and face angle settings on adjustable hosel metal woods and hybrids, or a complete fitting for new golf clubs.


Tour professionals have a fleet of tour repair vans following them to each tournament who provide this very mobile service. Join the latest trend and take your club fitting program mobile.

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