Get to Know: Production Manager Wesley Turner

While Wesley Turner did not come from a golf background, he has fallen in love with the manufacturing process in the golf industry.

Prior to starting his role as Production Manager at Mitchell Golf in June 2017, Turner started as a temp and worked in a dentist’s office doing insurance verification. He graduated from Jackson College in 2020 with an Associate’s Degree in Advanced Manufacturing and Basic Fabrication and a certificate in welding.

As a builder and producer, Turner’s role varies from day to day, which is one of his favorite things about working for Mitchell Golf. He handles everything from troubleshooting parts to building new digital machines. And he is involved in the entire manufacturing process.

“I can be building anything from a Pro Tour Grip Vise to a Tour Gauge Digital Irons machine,” Turner said. “Depending on what stock we have and what orders are due, that’s what will determine how my day is going to go.”

Mitchell Golf receives numerous orders throughout the day. This keeps Turner and his colleague Trent Nowicki busy, as they package products and ship them out by hand. For bigger orders, Turner and Nowicki log the products at the end of the day and provide an estimated shipping date to the customer.

“Knowing we are making equipment for some of the most elite golfers and celebrities makes it pretty cool, too.” “It is fun to make things more efficient and watch Mitchell Golf evolve into the new wave.”

            — Wesley Turner, Mitchell Golf

Turner said it is important for golfers to be custom fit because each golfer has his/her own preferences and swing.

“Getting custom fit is the No. 1 way to ensure your clubs are made for you and your playing style,” Turner said. “Anybody can go buy clubs from off the rack, but are they really suited for your own personal game at that point?”

As Mitchell Golf operates everything in house, Turner said the company is considered the best in the business. Approximately 80 percent of Mitchell Golf parts are made in the same building by sister company Albion Machine and Tool.

“We take ideas and innovations and turn them into new inventions,” Turner said. “We have been established in the golf game for years and our best years are yet to come.”

For Turner, Mitchell Golf is more than an assembly business. “In lieu of technological advancements Mitchell Golf is only going to get better and make the custom golf game a staple in the golf industry,” Turner said. “Mitchell Golf IS Golf.”

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