Getting into the swing of things with club performance fitting.

There is no greater moment of truth for club fitting then when the golfer’s club impacts the ball — as any golfer’s look of exhilaration or grimace of frustration will attest. And while we’ve all seen our share of funky swings, it’s important to remember that the clubs can have as much if not more effect on the shot’s outcome as the golfer does.

Most golfers aren’t looking to play professionally. A custom fitting is important to ensure the player is using the correct weight, length, shafts, grips and loft and lie angles.  If you are working with a golf instructor, they should frequently evaluate your equipment as your swing improves. A custom fitting will often result in better performance, more confidence, and a lot more enjoyment of the game.

Imagine buying a suit off the rack with no alterations. It might fit you in general, but until you tailor it to your body type and get it to the right length, you’re probably not going to be using it much. In the same way, a custom club fitting tailors a golfer’s clubs to their specific specifications. Club fitting professionals utilize a launch monitor, a shaft frequency meterangle machinegrip station, and other small measuring tools for this new fitting experience. The process is designed to improve the performance of a golfer’s existing clubs.

Launch Technology

The technology incorporated in launch monitors matches club performance (size, loft, lie and face angle) to shaft performance (length, flex, weight, bend point and frequency) and grip with a ball. The desired result is ball impact that produces the highest ball speed launched at the optimum angle with the appropriate spin rate. In short, ideal ball flight.
Bringing all these variables together can have a positive and significant impact on a golfer’s swing, and it typically doesn’t require a complete overhaul. One experienced golf professional at Mitchell Golf made incremental changes to his swing by tweaking his irons to get everything time-tuned. The resulting gradual changes brought huge benefits. How small? He adjusted his lie angle by ½ of a degree.

More golfers want to be in the know

Club fitting has progressed into a new trend that is growing every day because today’s golfers are demanding the same advantage of matching club head, shaft, grip, and ball like tour pros receive from club manufacturers.
Ill-fitting clubs can negatively affect a player’s mechanics and even cause injury. And as a golfer’s body changes, so do the mechanics of their swing. Custom fitting corrects these shortcomings in a golfer’s clubs, by matching a player’s physical attributes, swing patterns, and personal style of play.

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