Having a performance studio for club fitting gets all A’s with your customers.

Having a Performance Studio for club fitting is becoming a profitable and preferred option in country clubs, golf courses, and golf retail shops, and Mitchell Golf offers a variety of packages to fit any size location.

For the club professional, having the right equipment to custom fit clubs also provides the opportunity to schedule both a lesson and a club performance evaluation, giving the golfer a unique learning experience.

The better player understands the importance of proper performing equipment and the advantages to their game. Nowadays, even the average golfer wants to enjoy the game more and is willing to put forth an effort to improve. Because lie angles are so critical to ball flight, it’s vital that an individual’s clubs are adjusted to fit each golfer to their playing characteristics. Consequently, the performance of their equipment becomes a vital part of the game improvement equation.

With a Mitchell Golf Performance package, you are getting the necessary tools to run a professional performance studio. You’re also getting the advantages of precision-built, CNC-machined Angle Machines that are designed for durability and accuracy and backed by a competitive warranty.

The main differences in these packages deal mostly with the club bending aspect of our angle machines. If you need to see the features of these, check out our youtube video. Whichever irons angle machine package you choose, there are other tools you will need to be successful. We’ve put together a list of the must-haves in any performance studio:

Necessary Tools in a Performance Studio
  • Shaft puller
  • Irons angle machine
  • Frequency Meter
  • Shaft cutting machine with ferrule turning
  • Swing weight scale
  • Grip station

Patrick Gallagher, Director of Operations at Mitchell Golf, is happy to consult with you to determine the best setup and the best package for your needs.


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