See More Putters sees a lot of their Mitchell Golf Digital Putter Machine.

SeeMore Putters relies on Mitchell Golf’s TourGauge Digital Putter Machine for custom-built putters.

When professional golfer Payne Stewart won the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am in 1999, he used the SeeMore Putters FGP Blade for the first time.

Using the same blade, Stewart won the 1999 U.S. Open a few months later by making a 15-foot putt on the 18th hole for a one-stroke victory.

As a result, SeeMore Putters gained recognition in the golf community for its alignment putting system.

In 1997, See More Putters created a patented system for feedback and alignment called RifleScope Technology (RST). The company relaunched in 2006, emphasizing the importance of custom fitting and premium, custom-built equipment.

The trademark of RST is a red dot with two white lines on either side. The system helps all golfers, regardless of skill level, ensure their putter face is square to its target.

“It’s a great tool to have on hand as it gives players a reference point in case of any “miscue” during a round or during a practice session,” notes SeeMore Putters Director of Operations Brandon Choate.

As Choate oversees all products coming in and leaving the facility, he is familiar with Mitchell Golf’s tools. He also manages the building process and customer service.

Measure twice, bend once.

“We use our Mitchell Golf equipment daily,” Choate said. “It is used to adjust, measure, and double-check every custom putter we build to ensure the most accurate specs for the player. The TourGauge Digital golf putter machine is a major element to our system and brand.”

Ten years ago, the brand launched the SeeMore Putters Institute, which partners with teachers and fitters worldwide to teach putting and fitting techniques properly. Today, the SeeMore Putters team supplies custom-built putters to partners and customers with a three-business-day lead time.

“We want to help golfers achieve consistency and improvement on the greens through our RST Technology and by offering a “Tour” type experience. We offer them the ability to fully customize a putter best suited for their game,” Choate said.

For Choate, the biggest surprise when working on a customer’s equipment is the lack of emphasis on putting. He finds that they’ll spend time on drivers or irons but don’t research which putter is best for them.

“There are so many more variations of putter dynamics than any other club. And it’s by far the most used club in the bag,” Choate said.

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