Mitchell Golf Magnetic Lie Angle Pointer

When it comes to your golf game, are you all square? The Mitchell Golf club face alignment tool helps you visualize where the ball will travel based on the position of your club face. Magnetic base makes it easy to attach this alignment tool to the face of an iron.


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This golf club alignment tool offers an simple way to improve your golf game. An improper golf club lie angle can consistently send a golfer’s shots too far left or right, depending on whether the golfer and club create an upright lie or a flat lie. With the Mitchell Magnetic Lie Angle Pointer, it’s simple to see which direction the ball will travel as it leaves the club face. And since the magnetic base quickly attaches to the face of virtually any iron, this magnetic lie angle alignment tool is the perfect addition to your toolbox of golf swing training aids and golf club fitting equipment.


  • Magnetic lie angle demonstration tool shows the direction the ball will initially travel when it leaves the club face
  • Helps golfers visualize how an incorrect golf club lie angle alters golf ball flight
  • Golf club face magnet makes it easy to attach Lie Angle Pointer to the face of an iron

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