Mitchell Golf Steelclub® Signature Angle Machine for Irons, Hybrids & Metal Woods

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The Steelclub® Signature model is our premier line of bending machines. The iron, metal wood, hybrid version uses Dual Precision Gauges for measuring and bending loft/lie angles on all irons, face/lie angles on metal woods and hybrids. It doubles as a specification gauge that accurately measures loft, lie and face angles simultaneously with its measuring gauges.


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100% Accurate Measurements for Irons, Hybrids and Metal Woods| Mitchell Machines have precision measuring gauge assemblies, unlike competitors’ machines that use travel rods that flex and become loose, creating inaccurate and inconsistent readings.

When precision is the name of the game, The Mitchell Golf Steelclub® Signature Angle Machine measures and bends irons for precise loft and lie angles and hybrid and metal woods for exact face and lie angles down to ¼-degree increments. This premier angle shearing machine ensures true face angle readings and features clamping fixtures with non-marring clamps that can accommodate wide top-line irons and will clamp any sole radius.

Loft & Lie Angles – Irons

The Steelclub® Angle Machine for irons easily bends 17-4 and 431 cast stainless steel and forged carbon steel heads. A complete set of irons can be measured and adjusted in less than 10 minutes. And because technicians can measure and bend in the same fixture, operator error caused by using other measuring devices is eliminated.

Face & Lie Angles – Hybrids & Metal Woods

The Steelclub® Signature Angle Machine is a true face angle measuring gauge. A true face angle measurement is the angle of the face plane compared to the shaft plane. Only Steelclub® Technology properly registers the club head and measures the shaft plane concerning the square face plane.

It also has a universal Top Clamp that flips the Wood Pad down for hybrids and metal woods. The Back Clamps fit all sizes and shapes of heads. The sole clamps securely hold hybrids and metal woods without damage, while the unique Sole Fixtures adjust to the center of the club’s head in the face fixture.

A progressive scale marking the center of the club’s head is located on the front of the machine. In addition, stainless steel hybrid and metal woods clubs that have polished hosels long enough to accept the Steelclub® Adjustable Short Hosel Bending Bar can be adjusted.

It is recommended to adjust hybrid face angles to a square position to ensure the playing loft is equal to the loft on the head’s sole. Lie angles should be fit for each golfer, just like iron clubs.

It is recommended to adjust face angles for drivers and fairway metals from square to 2 degrees open or closed to change ball flight. Metal woods should have similar face angles within the set for consistency. Adjust lie angles to fit golfers just like iron clubs.

Use As Spec Gauge For Adjustable Tip Clubs
The new self-adjusting drivers, fairway metals, and hybrids can be checked to record the adjustments made by repositioning the
adapter. Not all company adjustments are the same. Use the Steelclub® Signature Angle Machine to learn how much of an adjustment is being made.

Included With Machine:

  • Angle Charts
  • 27’ Roll Face Fixture Tape
  • Online PDF Manual
  • Iron Clamps
  • Metal Wood Clamps
  • Hybrid Clamps
  • 27” Standard Hosel Adjustable Bending Bar
  • 27” Short Hosel Adjustable Bending Bar

Replacement Part(s):

Mitchell Golf SAMS/SAMP – Iron Sole Rest Set

Mitchell Golf SAMS/SAMP/SAMSI Brass Sole Rest Set

Mitchell Golf SAMS/SAMP – Top Clamp Assembly

Mitchell Golf Toe Stop

Mitchell Golf 1/4″ X 27′ Face Fixture Tape

Mitchell Golf Top Clamp Aluminum Pad (Pack Of 5) For Angle Machines

Mitchell Golf SAMS/SAMP – Back Iron Clamp Assembly

Mitchell Golf Loft Scale


Mitchell Golf Wood Back Clamp, Sole Base & Sole Fixture Assembly

Mitchell Golf Back Wood Clamp

Mitchell Golf Hybrid Clamp Set

Mitchell Golf Hybrid Back Clamp

Additional information

Weight 55 lbs
Dimensions N/A
Mounting Options

W/ Floor Mount Stand


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