Mitchell Golf Club Repair Vac

  • Supports two double-arbor motors
  • 4 downdraft vents strategically located to collect dust, dirt, and smoke
  • Made from steel with a powder coat finish
  • 100v or 230v for electric outlets
  • 21”W x 36 1/2”L x 42”H
  • 1200cfm down-draft vacuum

The Mitchell Golf Club Repair Vac provides golf club builders and repair technicians with a clean healthy workspace. The Repair Vac is a low noise, down-draft, dust collection workbench that will keep your shop looking great while providing a healthy work environment for you and your customers. The Club Repair Vac also features a new, smaller footprint and caster wheels with brakes, giving you the versatility to easily maneuver the unit when desired.


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Now in a smaller space-saving footprint! Our Mitchell Golf Club Repair Vac delivers the same high volume, high-pressure air movement system: 1200cf per minute of down-draft vacuum that eliminates almost all the shaft dust you create. Dust is pulled through a filtration system of two specially coated filters  (included). These filters capture dust particulates as small as 8-micron in size. These filters are required to ensure the vacuum pressure needed to work sufficiently. Do not use other filters as they will not work properly.


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