The Importance of Properly Fit Lie Angles in Hybrid Clubs

The latest trend in the makeup of golf club sets is to replace the long irons with hybrid utility clubs. The most overlooked specification when purchasing a hybrid is its lie and the effect it’ll have on club performance. Some hybrids have rounded soles but that does not mean one lie angle fits all golfers. Other hybrids have a very flat sole.

The lie angle of all golf clubs influence the direction the ball starts when hit. Therefore, it’s just as important to have the hybrid angle dynamically fit your swing as it is for your irons.

Hybrid clubs are designed with a low center of gravity to increase the trajectory. An incorrect lie angle with a higher trajectory shot will increase the off-line direction more when compared to a lower trajectory shot with a long iron.

Several club manufacturers make hybrid clubs with a long polished hosel that can be adjusted. You should consider this when you make a purchase and have a “Recognized” Mitchell Club Repair Shop fit you to a proper lie angle.