The most important part of your swing could be a proper club fitting.

With the possible exception of identical twins, no two people have the same measurements.  We all are different heights and weights. We all buy our pants with different inseams. Some of us are more flexible and some may have an old injury or surgery that affects movement.

The point is, there are many situations that can affect a person’s swing. And these factors have an effect on the equipment they are using. This is why a custom fitting is important to ensure the player is using the correct weight, length, shafts, grips, and loft and lie angles.  

The importance of a proper lie angle

The greater the loft of a club, the more effect the lie angle will have on the ball’s direction. Incorrect lie angles will start the ball more offline in higher lofted clubs, such as wedges, then it will in lower lofted clubs, such as drivers.

That is why the proper lie angle with your irons is so important: Once the ball is struck it starts to spin, and any directional problems will be exaggerated due to the ball spinning in the “wrong” direction.

A custom fitting often results in better performance, more confidence, and a lot more enjoyment of the game. It also can eliminate some issues that come from golfers trying to adapt their swing to their clubs’ current specs. 

And even if you have been fitted in the past, your specs can change due to several factors. The biggest ones include:

  1. Different club specifications (These can even be different for sets of clubs from the same manufacturer)
  2. Swing changes that have occurred since the last fitting 
  3. Body Changes (It happens to the best of us) 
  4. Golf club designs

A peek at the process

Club fitting professionals utilize a launch monitor, a shaft frequency meterangle machinegrip station, and other small measuring tools for this new fitting experience. 

After some information is gathered about your playing history and expectations, you will hit some balls and your swing will be analyzed by a launch monitor. The technology incorporated in launch monitors matches club performance (size, loft, lie and face angle) to shaft performance (length, flex, weight, bend point, frequency) and grip with a ball. Bringing all these factors together will give you your ideal ball flight.

Mitchell Golf TourGauge Digital Putter Machine
Mitchell® TourGauge® Putter Machines are CNC machined utilizing a precision ground slide-bearing gauge assembly

At this point, an angle machine can easily make any loft or lie adjustments. And don’t overlook your putter. The loft and lie influence the roll and direction of your ball. You don’t want this to be off, considering it represents about 43% of all your shots!

For shops looking to equip, expand, or upgrade their tools for woods, hybrids, irons, and putters, Mitchell Golf has a series of club fitting packages.  These packages provide the best value when it comes to club fitting.  Ready to get right to it? Then check out the Mitchell Golf reference guide which explains the precise way to measure golf club angles along with the best bending techniques.

If you have any questions on club fitting or any of our packages, email Patrick Gallagher at or call 989-858-6221.

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