Precision and tight tolerances always in play with TourGauge® Irons Machines.

Mitchell Golf Machines have been the number one choice for professional golfers for nearly thirty years, and it’s not hard to see why.  These machines have revolutionized custom club fitting and club making and have made the rounds in many repair vans found at PGA and LPGA tours worldwide.

Serious golfers customize their irons to fit their body and swing type, and precisely calibrating the right loft and lie for every iron is an important part of the process. The proper way to determine exact measurements for loft, lie, and face angles is to register a club’s face attitude in a square and horizontal plane to precisely measure the club’s angles concerning the shaft plane, which a Mitchell Golf TourGauge® Irons Machine excels at.

But before discussing the many benefits of this superior loft and lie machine, we invite industry professionals to download this valuable reference guide. It covers how to measure golf club angles and the best bending techniques.

Golf professionals will find this the quickest and easiest machine to use in the industry.

The  Mitchell Golf TourGauge Irons Machine utilizes a precision aluminum slide-bearing gauge assembly that tracks on a precision ground slide rail. It’s ideal for measuring both right- and left-hand irons and has a magnetized shaft cradle that measures loft and lies simultaneously. These measurements are recorded in 1/4° increments, and irons are measured and bent in the same fixture.

Like all quality Mitchell machines, the TourGauge Irons Machine securely clamps and bends irons and easily converts them to the left hand by moving the toe stop to the opposite side of the face fixture. It’s also the industry standard to accurately measure and bend irons made from 17-4 & 431 stainless steel and forged carbon steel. It’s ideal for all golf professionals who appreciate a machine that can adjust a full set of irons in ten minutes or less.

The Mitchell Golf TourGage Irons Machine also includes:

  • Adjustable Bending Bar
  • Stand with Mounting Hardware
  • Angle Charts
  • Face Fixture Tape

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