Custom Wedge Stamping is a Great Selling Point to Your Customers

A new trend that has gained a lot of attention on the PGA tour is custom wedge stamping. The scoring of clubs is a personal thing, and Mitchell Golf wants to help you ensure a golfer’s clubs fit their personality. That’s why we’re pleased to offer a customized solution to stamping wedges with our professional wedge stamping fixture. Just watch any tour, and you’ll find several tour professionals have decorated their wedges with initials, slogans, team mascot names and the like. Some even use a special color paint fill to round out their artistic desires for making their wedges unique to them.

While we’re not sure if it will help lower scores, it certainly makes an impression when you see the golf clubs proudly displayed in their bags. In fact, Ricky Fowler’s stamped wedges have become so popular that Cobra Golf now offers his design it to the public.

The key to a good first impression

While there are many ways to leave your mark in custom wedge stamping, the first impression must always be a good one, and the key to that is preventing the club head from slipping when hitting the stamp with a hammer. This allows the impression to be deep enough to hold the paint.

That’s why Mitchell Golf’s Stamping Fixture utilizes a secure method to hold the wedge, so it does not slip while stamping. This gives you a broad exposure of the wedge back so you have lots of room to stamp whatever suits your fancy. The fixture has brass sole rests to minimize marking on the club and is commercially designed to hold all shapes of wedges. It also employs the clamping technology found in all Mitchell Golf angle machines.

Mitchell Golf Complete Stamping Kit

Mitchell Golf also provides a complete stamping kit that includes the wedge stamping fixture, alphabet and number stamps, and paint fill pens. (Two additional marker kits can also be purchased. Kit 1 includes orange, pink, light blue and purple. Kit 2 includes yellow, green, red and blue). And just like all other Mitchell Golf tools, this wedge stamping kit will last indefinitely, providing an easy return on your investment and profits for years.

Now you can create another unique way to reach your customers by offering custom wedge stamping and paint filling. No doubt you’ll make a lasting impression.

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