2-Day Class vs. 5-Day Class. Which Mitchell Golf Performance School is Best for You?

With two excellent Mitchell Golf Performance School Classes to choose from, which one is better for you? Many golfers ask us this type of question. We understand that it can be hard to choose, as there is some crossover in both offerings. So, let’s take a look at some considerations when deciding which is the best fit for you.

First off, the 5-day class can be more information that some students are looking for. Think of the 2-day classes as focusing mainly on basic club repairs and alterations. We have a lot of students that attend the 2-day class that aren’t interested in the 5-day because they will never build sets of clubs. They can easily order the clubs from the OEM, and utilize the  2-day to teach them how to work with those sets.

For those looking for a comprehensive hands-on learning experience covering building and fitting, the 5-day classes are very popular. And you don’t have to take the 2-day class before taking the 5-day one. For anyone who is comfortable with the basics and wants to learn more, the master class offers you a great opportunity. If you aren’t sure, you can always email Patrick and ask him about which class is right for you.

Here is a quick overview of the two:

The 2-day focuses on basic club repair and loft/lie adjustments.

  • Loft / Lie Adjustments
  • Grip Sizing
  • Re-shafting
  • Entry to Swing weight, length, and frequency

The 5-day (2-day is not a prerequisite) focuses on building clubs to spec and working with club fitting on the GcQuad Monitor:

  • How to build a set of clubs to a specific spec
    • Grip Size
    • Length
    • Swing Weight
    • Frequency – shaft flex
    • Loft / Lie
    • How to properly install shaft with altering the weight (brass weights, lead tape)
    • Tip and butt trim to determine flex and length
    • Club fitting and gapping using the GcQuad

Once you’ve taken a Performance Class, you can always find support from Mitchell Golf and from joining an exclusive group of club builders and fitters – The Mitchell Golf Performance School Facebook Group.  It’s a great forum to show off work and share stories, as well as discuss tips and techniques. All that is required for you to join is proof of your participation in one of our Performance Schools.

More information on the Mitchell Golf Performance Schools.

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