Clean and Protect! Maintenance Tips for Your Mitchell Golf Machines.

Cleaning your machines on a regular basis is essential to ensure longevity and performance, so we’d like to share some maintenance tips for your Mitchell Golf Machines. Dirt, graphite and metal shavings are debris that can get on your machines and cause them to bind up. That’s why the one thing you don’t want to be without is a good old can of WD40.

Besides moving parts, any section of your machines constructed of black metal oxide should be sprayed with WD40 once a week. Not only does the spray act as a corrosion inhibitor, but it also lubricates moving parts. This is especially necessary for harsher environments, such as high humidity or being by an ocean where salt can corrode your machines.

SteelClub Machine before refurbishing

For your machines’ threads, it is best to apply a high-temperature grease once a week. For optimal performance, wipe off the old grease and apply new. It is important that you use the high-tech blue grease which stays active as opposed to the white lithium grease that will dry up and get chalky.

Clamps, tape, and cost-saving tips

Top clamps and iron sole rests undergo a lot of wear, and if your top clamps get a crease in them, then it’s time to replace them.  You should also keep an eye on the face fixture tape that protects the clubface, as over time it will eventually start to peel. When this needs to be replaced, clean the area with acetate before putting on the new tape. If you need to replace the rubber pads on the pro tour grip vise, let the clamp set for 72 hours in the closed position. This enables the tape to set up for a secure hold. And whenever possible, keep your solvents away from the rubber pads, as it breaks down the adhesive on the clamp.

A Signature Machine refurbished

Here’s a cost savings tip regarding the maintenance on your bench vac. There are two filters in your vac. The top filter picks up most of the dirt that comes through. So, when it is time to replace, move your bottom filter up to the top and put a new filter in the bottom. That way you are only replacing one filter at a time.

If you need a little more TLC than the basic maintenance tips for your Mitchell Golf Machines, Mitchell Golf also offers complete refurbishing services including sandblasting, recalibration and rust removal, as well as services catered to your individual needs.


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