Get the winning angle, improve your golf game, and have some fun.

“It took me seventeen years to get three thousand hits in baseball. It took one afternoon on the golf course.”
– Hank Aaron

People always believe that buying a new set of clubs will fix all their woes, and sometimes it does. Golf club technology over the last 20 years has significantly advanced, and no doubt gives a golfer more confidence to connect with that sweet spot and hit a great shot.

However, there are many other factors – having the right flex and length shaft, the correct loft and lie angles, having the correct swing weight, proper grip size  — these golf club specifications can go a long way in helping a golfer improve their game.  And while Mitchell Golf machines are #1, they are designed to help every golfer improve their game and make the whole experience more fun.

Golf is a game of angles and accuracy.

If you’re not getting good placement with your shots, chances are you not enjoying your game as much as you’d like. Accuracy is essential in all aspects of golf, and it is a standard that sets Mitchell Golf Equipment apart from our competitors.

Mitchell Golf TourGauge Digital Irons Machine

All Mitchell Machines are 100% accurate. They adjust for offset, progressive offset, non-offset & face progression hosel designs. And unlike competitor’s machines, our  Signature® and TourGauge® machines use precision ground slide-bearings (not slide-rods like other machines).  This eliminates all unwanted tolerance that can result in as much as a 2-degree error.
Accurate angle bending is a crucial component in club performance: The greater the loft of a club, the more effect the lie angle will have on the ball’s direction. Incorrect lie angles will start the ball more offline in higher-lofted clubs, such as wedges, then it will in lower lofted clubs, such as drivers. That is why the proper lie angle with your irons is so important: Once the ball is struck it starts to spin, and any directional problems will be exaggerated due to the ball spinning in the “wrong” direction.

Check those specs!

Accurate angles also make a great case on why you should check your clubs’ specs on a regular basis.

A proper fitting isn’t limited to when you buy a new set of clubs.  Body types and numerous other factors can change over time, which requires the golf clubs to be adjusted. If the lie angle of your clubs isn’t matched to your swing mechanics, you are already making the game harder than it already is.

At Mitchell Golf, we want to help every golfer play better and enjoy the game more. If you have a question about golf or Mitchel Golf Equipment, please Ask the Pro. Let’s have some fun out there!

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