Club repair, club fitting, and customer conversations: What’s happening at Mitchell Golf.

Recently, I had the pleasure of spending a couple of days at Miles of Golf in Cincinnati, Ohio. They have a great staff who does an amazing job of educating their customers about the importance of proper club fitting and performance.  I loved being back in a golf shop and enjoyed my time with Larry Balridge, the facility’s club performance technician and specialist. Larry has extensive knowledge in the club repair and performance industry and has previously worked with Mitchell Golf and TrueSpec.  He and I had the opportunity to speak to golfers of all skill levels regarding their equipment.

The most fascinating aspect of being back in front of golfers for me was the conversations and interactions.  A lot of customers are looking for a simple regrip or specification check of their loft and lies. At the same time, others are always trying to tinker to find that slight edge!

Whatever the situation, Larry was very detailed about explaining what the alterations he was making would do to the frequency, swing weight scale and feel of the golf club.  He also works great with the fitting team to ensure that the specifications they are fit for will match the equipment he builds for them.  It was great to see Larry in action and see how his customers valued his hands-on experience.

I look forward to visiting other valued Mitchell Golf facilities soon.  I feel that the club repair and club performance industry is in a very good place.  Golfers want the tour van experience, and it is great to see that more and more golf facilities offer this high service level.

Please visit our locator to find a Mitchell facility near you! You can also click here if you would like more information about the club repair and alternation programs offered by Mitchell Golf this fall.

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