Historical Timeline Of Mitchell Golf Technology

History of Mitchell Golf

In November 1988 Mitchell® Golf introduced its original STEELCLUB® Angle Machine at the first PGA Teaching Summit in Dallas, Texas. It was well received by everyone, including Golf Professional Terry Adcock from Surfer’s Paradise, Queensland, Australia. Terry purchased a STEELCLUB® Angle Machine and took it home in his suitcase.

Since then, improvements to the STEELCLUB® Angle Machines have been made to accommodate the evolution in club head designs. First, the STEELCLUB® Woods and Irons Angle Machine was introduced at the PGA Merchandise Show in January 1990. The ability of the STEELCLUB® Woods and Irons Angle Machine to measure and bend both irons and metal woods became an instant success.

STEELCLUB® Angle Machines changed golf club technology just like the Golf Pride slip-on replacement grips did. The design unlocked the secret to correctly measure club angles and bend cast irons, metal woods, hybrids and putters. Custom fitted golf clubs were not popular with manufacturers in 1988, but today every major club manufacturer has a custom fitting program.

In 1991 Mitchell® Golf introduced a Putter Fitting System. The STEELCLUB® Putter Angle Machine, with the Putter Fitting Gauge, provided for the first time a means to fit a golfer with their “ideal” loft and lie angles and then adjust their putter to match those angles.

In 1995, the STEELCLUB® Irons Angle Machine made its debut. It is designed as a high production irons machine. It has become widely accepted by those only interested in adjusting irons.

In 1999, the STEELCLUB® Plus Angle Machine made its debut. Another first, this machine had the ability to “do it all”. It was designed to measure and bend irons, metal woods, hybrids and putters. In 2004, it was modified to accept 470cc metal woods. Then in 2006, it was modified to measure and bend hybrid utility clubs. With the optional Putter Kit putters with or without hosels could be accurately measured and adjusted to fit golfers. But putters were limited to the designs that were prevalent then, which were mostly small and traditional in shape.

In 2003 and 2004 the TourGauge® series of machines for putters and irons were introduced. This innovative design rapidly became a new industry standard for Loft/Lie machines. The TourGauge® Putter Angle Machine became the new standard for measuring and bending putters due to the oversize and non-traditional putter head shapes that were introduced. This machine will clamp, measure and bend any putter manufactured within the design limits of the USGA rules.

In 2008 Mitchell® Golf re-invented the industry standard for bending machines by introducing the new STEELCLUB® Signature Angle Machine. This machine uses Dual Precision Gauges for measuring loft/lie angles on irons and face/lie angles on hybrids and metal woods. The gauges travel on precision-ground slide bearings providing ease of operation and guaranteed accuracy. The base features a Black Diamond Powder-coat finish. It doubles as a specification gauge that accurately measures loft, lie and face angles simultaneously. It clamps and measures all drivers, fairway, hybrids and irons. As well as bends all clubs that meet the design requirements for bending.

Then in 2010 Mitchell® Golf offered the golf industry the first ever digital readout with the TourGauge® Digital Iron Angle Machine. Utilizing the Mitchell® Golf clamping system that is required to bend cast irons the LED digital read-out offers club fitters the ability to bend and display loft and lie angles in 1/4 degrees increments.

Also in 2010 the TourGauge® Digital Putter Angle Machine became an instant success. Designed with the same putter measuring and bending capability as the analog TourGauge® Putter Angle Machine the new digital machine features 1/4 degree increments with its LED readout. All modern putter head shapes and sizes can be clamped, measured and bent. No other putter machine in the market can make this claim.

In January 2012 Mitchell® Golf introduced the STEELCLUB® Signature Irons Angle Machine. This machine is manufactured with the same Dual Precision Gauges for measuring loft/lie angles on irons just like our original STEELCLUB® Signature Irons Angle Machine. Even though it is limited to irons only this precision machine sets the standard for ease of operation and guaranteed accuracy for measuring and bending all iron clubs in the market.

On December 1, 2016 Caster Concepts of Albion, MI purchased assets of Mitchell® Golf and moved its operation to Michigan. With their manufacturing and engineering capabilities, Mitchell® Golf products are assured of continuing to be number one in golf. New and improved product is being planned for 2017 and years beyond.

Mitchell® Golf Equipment Company continuously sets the standard in measuring and bending golf club equipment for the entire golf industry. This is evident with 29 consecutive years that STEELCLUB® and TourGauge® Angle Machines have been number one in tour vans on all PGA & LPGA tours worldwide.