What Makes A Mitchell Angle Machine Professional Grade?

Mitchell Machines are 100% accurate. They adjust for offset, progressive offset, non-offset & face progression hosel designs.

Mitchell Steelclub® Signature and TourGauge® machines employ precision ground slide-bearings (not slide-rods like other machines) thus eliminating all unwanted tolerance that can result in as much as a 2-degree error.

Mitchell Machines have clamps designed to capture all club head shapes, sizes and sole radiuses of irons, drivers, fairway woods, hybrids and wedges. No other machine has comparable clamping ability.

Face Angles
Mitchell Steelcub® Signature Wood, Hybrid & Iron Angle Machine properly registers metal woods and hybrids to accurately measure and bend face angles.

Mitchell Machines provide maximum leverage through its system of club head clamps, floor mount stand and adjustable bending bar. Operator actually feels when club hosel starts to bend and when it stops bending. A feel for bending in ½ to 1-degree increments is easily learned.

Mitchell Machines are made to last with no calibration required.

Mitchell Machines repeat the same measurements every time the same club is checked. Club head registration is easy and repeatable.

One Step Measuring and Bending
A Mitchell Machine is all that’s needed to measure and bend a club using the same device. A spec gauge is NOT needed to measure requiring a technician to bend in another device. That adds valuable time to the process, costing the operator money. Mitchell Machines eliminate all operator error and machine inaccuracies.

Tour Proven
Mitchell Machines have been number one on all PGA & LPGA Tours worldwide for 27consecutive years. Over 300 tour professionals own and rely on a Mitchell Machine in their personal repair studios. On tour they rely on Mitchell Machines in tour vans from every major club manufacturer.

All Mitchell Machines Are Professional Grade