Paul and His LPGA Club Trailer Are Back


The LPGA Club Repair Technician and Tour Van legend Paul Boehmer often makes a special stop at Mitchell Golf in between tour dates.  With COVID behind us to some degree, this year the tradition continued. As the sun was peeking over the horizon when Paul pulled into the Mitchell Golf parking lot, he was treated to a warm reception.

Patrick and the Mitchell Golf crew and Larry Balridge and his Mitchell Golf Master Class were all there to listen, learn, and hear a few of Paul’s stories. And all were excited when Paul arrived in his 30-foot long and 12-foot-high LPGA Van .

The van is Paul’s pride and joy, and what a van it is. From sanding machines and bending machines to grip tape and shafts, the van is not only outfitted with Mitchell Golf Machines, it contains equipment from top manufacturers to help keep players at their peak performance during events. Recently, the LPGA also caught up with Paul and shared this story.

The visit also gave Wesley Turner from Mitchell Golf a chance to give the custom Signature Angle Machine a once over. As Patrick was overheard saying, “If you see anything you want to WD (WD-40) up, go for it.”

Mitchell Golf has a special relationship with Paul, as he has been using Mitchell Golf equipment ever since he got into the club fitting business in the early ’90s. As Paul puts it, “I can always rely on using Mitchell Golf equipment. It’s great to be able to show up to work without having something else to worry about.”

Thanks for stopping by Paul!

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