Refurbishing your Mitchell Golf Machine can make it look, and perform, like new!

If your Angle Machine has seen better days, send it in for refurbishing to make it look and work like new. Our man Wesley takes a lot of pride in making machines look great again!

Mitchell Golf’s complete refurbishing services including sandblasting, recalibration, and rust removal, as well as services catered to your individual needs. If you are curious about what goes into refurbishing a Mitchell Golf Machine, we have broken down the process below:

The first thing we do is take the machine apart. During this initial stage, rust, tape, or any stickers that are on the machine are removed. Once this is accomplished, the machine is treated to a mineral spirit bath overnight.

This spirit bath also helps to remove dust and grease and any gunk left from the sticker removal. Each part is then individually dried. This is painstakingly done to ensure the part is bone dry, which gets it ready for the next major step in the process:


In this process, a stream of sand is forcibly propelled against the part under high pressure. This removes surface contaminants and any residual paint, ensuring a clean, shiny smooth surface. After sandblasting, the part is then coated again with black oxide.

Black oxide is a chemical conversion coating formed by a chemical reaction between the iron on the surface of the ferrous metal and the oxidizing salts present in the black oxide solution. This coating offers corrosion protection as well as an attractive and decorative finish.

The process itself usually takes between 2-3 days. This can vary depending on the machine’s condition. A full refurbish includes fitting your machine with new scales and any replacement parts needed, removal of any rust on the machine, re-blackening rusted parts, and a recalibration.

Another option is our Trade-In-Trade-Up program.

We gonna’ sandblast like it’s 1999!
Here is an old 1999 series Steelclub Angle Machine that came back to us through our trade-in, trade-up program. It didn’t take long to find a new home. For more information on this program, call or email Patrick Gallagher.



General Maintenance for Mitchell Golf Machines

You can also keep your machine up to spec by following some simple maintenance tips. If your machine is still is good shape, make sure to clean it on a regular basis to ensure its longevity and performance. Here is a blog regarding some maintenance tips for your Mitchell Golf Machine.


Tip: Make sure to have a can of WD40 handy!

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