Switching your Steelclub Irons Machine from left to right. Or, right to left.

Large and small volume golf shops love the Mitchell Golf Steelclub Irons Machine due to its ability to bend a club to its required angle in seconds. It is one reason why it’s as loved for its production capabilities as its precision.  It also bends irons in the same fixture and measures loft and lie simultaneously.

Another great feature is that it accepts right- or left-hand irons and allows an operator to adjust a full set of irons in 10 minutes or less, which comes in handy when your shop starts getting busy.

Which brings us to our next point. Even if things are running smoothly, you’re bound to have a set of clubs that is made for the opposite hand and you have to switch the base plate during a peak time of the day. Not to worry – it is a simple process. We’ve even included a handy video explaining how to switch our Signature Angle Machine from a left-hand position to a right-hand position. Check it out at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tnuWwYbNnLU

For at-a-glance instructions, here’s a quick outline on switching the base plate on your irons machine:

1. Remove the screw from the bracket. There’s just one screw.
2. Remove the bracket and switch it to the other side for opposite hand. On this machine, the bracket does slide on the base plate.
3.  Once you get the bracket screwed in on the proper side, make sure the shaft of the golf club is flush up against the bracket and then line up your lie gauge. You’ll then get your lie reading and your loft will be on the scale underneath.
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