Top Golf Supplies to Think About When You Think Spring.

It’s time for Spring and time to take some swings at your favorite golf course. And that means that it’s also time to stock up on the supplies you’ll need as you head into a new season.

For one, make sure you help your golfers get a grip on their game. Grips are often overlooked, yet they can have a profound impact on performance. With that in mind, we can help make sure you’re stocked up with the right accessories to get the job done:Mitchell Golf Grip Station

  • Mitchell Golf Grip Station. Mounted to a floor stand or to your workbench, the Grip Station offers a professional workspace that allows you to work efficiently.
  • Gallon Bottle of Grip Solvent. Formulated to use with all standard grip tapes, and is non-toxic, non-flammable and environmentally safe.
  • HF-100 Leakproof Spray Bottle.
  • Hook Blade Grip Knife. Heavy casting for a firm grip.
  • Grip Remover Gun. Includes 16-gauge needles and a pressured pump that prevents rust build-up in grip solvent.
  • Grip Tape. Our two-sided tape is made specifically for golf grip installation and uses less solution to activate. It also has minimal adhesive clean-up to keep the mess to a minimum.
  • Build-up Tape. This tape is single-sided with each layer equal to one grip size larger.
  • Grip Tape Dispenser. Winds tape onto the spool as the tape is pulled to save time when gripping clubs.

Grip Sizing Pointers

Also, here are a few things to remember when it comes to golf grips. To achieve the desired grip size, make sure to take the following elements into account:

When grip core size & shaft butt diameter match, a standard grip size of .900″ is determined for men. Standard grip size for women is .850″. A different core size can be used over the shaft butt size to achieve grip sizes that are larger (Oversize) or smaller (Undersize) than the standard .900″. However, the grip material volume must first be determined. A vast majority of grips produced by manufacturers are .600 (M60), but other sizes do exist.

If you would like to learn more about regripping and other aspects of club building and alteration, each month Mitchell Golf offers a 4-day class that teaches you how to repair, assemble, and build golf clubs and much more. For more information, email or call 800-437-1314.

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