Live in studio M: one-and four-day club alteration & building classes from Mitchell Golf.

With the blush of spring comes a busy time for golf professionals as everyone is gearing up for new challenges and looking forward to new opportunities to increase our skills as golf industry professionals.

That’s why the Mitchell Golf Performance Studio is offering a one-day performance workshop: Golf Club Evaluations and Alteration.  This class will be taught by Mitchell Golf Director and PGA member, Patrick Gallagher. The class will cover a wide variety of topics including:State-of-the-art Golf Simulator at Mitchell Golf

  • Golf Club evaluation and alteration – covering loft/lie, swing weight, frequency, gripping, and changing club length
  • Basic club repair – highlighting re-shafting
  • Basic club performance – And how it correlates to ball flight
  • Swing simulation – Utilizing Foresight GCQUAD simulator

The class will be held on March 11 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the new Mitchell Golf Performance Studio in downtown Albion, Michigan. PGA members will receive 5 MSR’s for this class and will have their own workbench for instruction. The price for the class is $100. Lunch from the Foundry Bakehouse and Deli is also included.

Classes based on your needs.

Mitchell Golf Repair, Build, and Fit WorkshopsAt Mitchell Golf, we understand that experience in club alteration is different for everyone. That’s why we also offer more comprehensive 4-day classes for those requiring a higher level of personal attention. These classes teach students how to repair, assemble and build golf clubs, how to compare shaft performance characteristics, how club performance influences ball flight, and much more. These classes are held monthly at the Mitchell Golf Performance Studio and are $799. Early bird registration is $749.

For more information on either the one-day or 4-day workshops, feel free to email Patrick at You can also get the latest Mitchell Golf news by following us on Facebook. Here’s to another great year for the great game of golf.



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