What’s the Difference Between the 2-Day Intro and 5-Day Master?

Two Schools Offered to Accommodate All Experience Levels

Most of my emails and phone calls ask about the differences between the 2-day and 5-day classes.

I typically treat the classes with two different schools of thought. The 2-Day Intro, or “2-Day Rookie,” as I call it, is generally tailored for the basement, garage hobbyist, or straight beginner. The 5-Day Master Class leans toward custom fitting and building for someone looking to make a career change or enhance their business. Let’s talk about some prime examples.

2-Day School and Opportunities

As every graduate will tell you, we do a round of icebreakers every Monday morning as students get to know each other or when special guests pop into the classroom throughout the week. Most 2-Day guys and gals share something in common on the first morning: “I want to do this just for my friends and family” or, “I just want to start a side hustle in addition to my day job.”

I want to thank one of my first 2-Day grads, Jim Lee, in Kentucky. He operates his LLC called The Club Clinic in the medical field by trade. The Clinic has expanded since then, from traditional repairs of loft-and-lie checks to re-gripping to custom-fitting with the likes of Sub 70 and custom-building with BB&F ferrules and stamping. The expansion has only just started, too! Stay tuned.

Other graduates team up with other businesses or local courses. Jim’s classmate Eddie Baldizan joined Colorado Springs’s Tribe Golf, an indoor Trackman hub with a bar. A later graduate in the year (Tim MacLean) brought his skills and newly acquired Mitchell certification to his course: Atkinson Resort & Country Club. The Cincy Duo — Amanda Meagher and Madelyn Neidhardt — are elevating the club services at World of Golf in Florence, KY. But what about the retail level? We got Mitchell grads there, too. PGA Tour Superstore, Dick’s Sporting Goods/Golf Galaxy, Golftown Canada, etc.

All those grads above and plenty more have come through our studio doors. And that’s just the Intro Class.

Master Class Highlights

The Master Class golf equipment company gets into the nitty-gritty of club-building and business. Students may receive a consultation on monitors and screens to demo matrices and components to even minuscule details like types of flooring. Take it from Master Class grad Matthew “LA” Taylor in central California. He’s currently running a mobile gripping unit that hops from course to course and event to event and will soon take on a brick-and-mortar. He even made it to the local paper, as the Sun-Gazette wrote: “He (Taylor) will be putting in a green screen and a virtual golf deal where you can go in and try new golf heads. And he can custom-make your golf sets, fittings, and grips. You can do all that from this location.”

Got a dream golf gig? From man caves to mobile units to your retail space, we can get you there. Either the 2-Day that gets you started or the 5-Day that will take you to the next level, you’ll find out what makes Mitchell #1 on tour, in retail, and amongst hobbyists to make you number one in your target market.

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