Mounting a Mitchell Golf Bending Machine and New Trailer Hitch Stand

Mitchell Golf Angle machines come packaged with a Floor Mount Stand and an adjustable bending bar. We strongly recommend installing the floor mount stand on a concrete floor. This will give you the most stability and feel during a bend.

Here are a few things to remember when you are bending your clubs. First, you can rebend a club whether it was bent a week ago or months ago. Rebending will not cause any adverse effects. And even the most skilled repair professionals can occasionally break a club. When this happens, it’s usually the result of some inconsistency in the metallurgy of the club.

And once you bend a club to your new specifications, it will stay at those specs unless it’s changed by an outside force of either bending again or striking a hard object. Loft and lie changes are more or less permanent.

In regards to clubs, forged clubs are typically easy to bend. Cast clubs require a lot more force when bending. That’s why we recommend installing the floor mount stand on a concrete floor — it allows you to make a bend without fighting the machine. The only part that should move during the bend is the hosel!

Go mobile with our new Trailer Hitch Stand.

I am excited about a new offering for accounts that want to go mobile or do not have a permanent space for the machine. The new trailer hitch stand will attach easily to a receiver and allow you to make the necessary adjustments on the fly! All our machines use the same mounting template; you can also use the trailer hitch stand with our grip station and putter machines! We do have an alternative stand for accounts that do not have a trailer hitch or concrete floor:

We do offer portable stands for our putter machines as well. Putters are much softer and easier to bend. They do not need as much stability as an iron machine. The single platform portable platform works excellently. The stand allows you to move the putter machine to different locations, even bring it outside to the putting green!

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