Who isn’t thinking about improving their golf swing?

As we all get some breathing room, it’s time to turn our focus on golf and that age-old question of “How do I improve my golf swing?” The first thing to do is loosen up. Seriously.

As in, before you get out on the links, make sure you stretch to help promote a fluid, full golf swing. The Mayo Clinic offers these handy suggestions: https://www.mayoclinic.org/healthy-lifestyle/fitness/multimedia/golf-stretches/sls-20076248

Now that we’ve got that covered, make sure you’re covered regarding supplies to regrip clubs. Grips are often overlooked, yet they can have a profound impact on performance. For a proper grip station, make sure you have the following components:

  • Mitchell Golf Grip Station: A professional workspace that allows you to work efficiently. This is where all the magic happens.
  • Gallon Bottle of Grip Solvent. Formulated to use with all standard grip tapes, and is non-toxic, non-flammable and environmentally safe. Don’t forget the leakproof spray bottle.
  • Hook Blade Grip Knife and Grip Remover Gun. The gun includes 6 16-gauge needles and a pressured pump that prevents rust build-up in grip solvent.

    Mitchell Golf Hook Blade Grip Knife
    Ideal For Cutting Off Grips
  • Grip Tape. Our two-sided tape is made specifically for golf grip installation and uses less solution to activate. It also has minimal adhesive clean-up to keep the mess to a minimum. To get grips on size larger, use our Build-Up Tape.
  • Grip Tape Dispenser. An easy and time-saving way to dispense tape when gripping clubs.

Grips are good? Don’t forget to clean them.

If your grips are still in good shape, great! But you still might want to clean them. Cleaning your grips gives you better moisture control in wet conditions or when your hands sweat when it’s hot. Clean grips also provide excellent tackiness for better control and will last longer.

If you would like to go to the next level regarding club building and alteration, Mitchell Golf offers a 4-day class that teaches you how to repair, assemble, and build golf clubs and much more. For more information, email patrick@mitchellgolf.com or call 800-437-1314.

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