A Mitchell Golf Review of 2022!

I don’t know about you, but whew. We were definitely feeling (20)22.

Another crazy, record year on the books. Another year around the sun elevating our products to the best that they can be. We’re number one on TOUR for a reason, and 2023 won’t change.

Product Enhancements

The equipment side saw us transition to the all-black oxide for enhanced durability. One customer suggested his machine of the last few decades would be his headstone at his death— it’s that durable! And now we’ve kicked it up a notch. As always, the hallmark feature remains steel that will stand the test of time, bend after bend, and degree after degree.

The Custom Shop roared with an uptick in design requests. Love America? Get that red, white, and blue like Patriot Golf USA in Tyler, TX. Want stars and stripes, too? We got you, Folds of Honor. Is your team the Maize & Blue? Maybe you prefer the Longhorns burnt orange. Or are you Roll Ride-red? Tell us what you want, and we’ll get it down to the color code.

New Product Release

We also welcomed a new gadget to the mobile world. Want to dial in lofts and lies on the road? Or maybe just on the outdoor range? The Trailer Stand locks into the hitch receiver on the rear of your vehicle for ultimate stability. Jazz up your Wrangler, Bronco, or pick-up for club repair just about anywhere.

On the Performance Studio side, the school was jam-packed to the max. The overflowing wait list was so extensive that we added classes on the fly. All throughout the year, students from all walks of the industry came together to make each class special in their own right. May Master had their own gang sign. October Master had their own signature drink at lunch. November Master had their own hashtag.

History in the Making

One of our most legendary occasions this year included the very first all-female class. We also crossed another country off the list as Iceland touched down at O’Hare and made the trek across 94. The posters that line the studio featuring the autographs and messages of our past students now include Icelandic alongside Spanish, French, Mandarin, and Korean. India and Malaysia will scratch themselves off the list next year!

Classes on the road took us to every major city and in between: Seattle, Los Angeles, Chicago, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Dallas-Forth Worth, etc. We got a chance to have a peek at students’ shops, complete with Mitchel Gear and their methods of madness. Whether it’s the Space Needle, Texas barbecue, or deep-dish pizza, thank you to all the students for showing what makes your city special.

Stay Tuned

A single blog isn’t enough to talk about 2022! Tune in Wednesday, December 28th  at 4 pm EST as we go live on Instagram for an AMA with Patrick and Joey as they recap the year and answer any of your questions.

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