2022’s Top Sellers From Mitchell Golf

Another new year is almost here, but some of our best sellers never left! Here is a list of some of our top sellers over the last year we think you just might be interested in.  Happy Holidays from all of us at Mitchell Golf.


Mitchell Golf Steelclub® Signature Angle Machine For Irons, Hybrids & Metal Woods

The Steelclub® Signature model is our premier line of bending machines. The iron, metal wood, hybrid version uses Dual Precision Gauges for measuring and bending loft/lie angles on all irons, face/lie angles on metal woods and hybrids. It doubles as a specification gauge that accurately measures loft, lie and face angles simultaneously with its measuring gauges.

Mitchell Golf Shaft Cutting Machine w/ Ferrule Turning Fixture


Mitchell Golf Shaft Cutting Machine W/ Ferrule Turning Fixture

Our 1/3HP Shaft Cutting Machine is compact but powerful enough to take on a busy shop’s work. Easily cuts steel or graphite shafts. Also includes 1″ x 42″ belt sander and cutting scale table.

Mitchell Golf CLUBLENGTH Ruler Measuring Tool Kit


Mitchell Golf CLUBLENGTH Ruler Measuring Tool Kit

CLUBLENGTH™ Ruler Measuring Tool (Complete Kit) is the perfect golf club ruler for accurately measuring overall length of woods, irons, and putters. The ruler is engineered with a unique sole centering method guaranteeing accurate lengths for all lie angles. This ensures a consistent length progression between clubs in every set. Conforms to USGA method for measuring maximum driver length of 48″.

Mitchell Golf 2" x 36 Yard Grip Tape (12 Roll Pack)


Mitchell Golf 2″ X 36 Yard Grip Tape (12 Roll Pack)

Our two-sided grip tape is made specifically for golf grip installation. It uses less solution to activate and has very little adhesive clean-up, unlike other tapes.

Mitchell Golf Machine Cover

TOP Seller: Gear

Mitchell Golf Machine Cover

Helps keep your investment clean and protected!  Our durable machine cover is built to last and features the Mitchell Golf logo. Designed to fit over all machines

There are plenty more tools of the trade to choose from at mitchellgolf.com. Or give us a call at 800-437-1314.

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