Conversations about loft and lie

I always enjoy the conversations about custom golf club building and fitting with my customers and other PGA professionals, although this year’s event will certainly be different!

And whether we are talking about club alteration online or in person, one of the most important tools club fitters agree on is their loft/lie machine. After analyzing a golfer’s swing, the angle machine is used to adjust clubs to the golfer’s natural movements by adjusting loft and lie. The result is consistency, as every club is adjusted to a uniform position.

One of Mitchell Golf’s most asked questions is about how our angle machines work and what clubs they can bend. Although all our machines will accommodate most styles, some features are unique to particular machines. Watch, which explains the differences in our machines.

This video includes our professional-grade measuring and bending angle machines under the brand names of Steelclub® and TourGauge. You can also skip ahead in the video to a segment focusing on the particular Mitchell Golf Machine that you want more information on.

Club alteration conversations are not just happening at the professional level. They are also coming up more in conversations with everyday golfers.  Why? Because they want the same accessibility to optimize club performance as the tour pros receive.

With this in mind, Mitchell Golf is offering two separate seminars for 2021. A 2-day class that is a great way to learn the basics, and a 5-day class that enables advanced professionals to get more experience in areas such as club fitting.

2-Day Introduction to Club Repair and Club Alteration

This class is ideal for beginners with little to no experience in club repair. Learn the basics of club repair, club alteration, and fitting. This foundation will allow you to begin working on your own, whether in a professional or personal capacity.

5-Day Master Class: Club Repair, Club Alteration, Club Building, and Club Fitting

This comprehensive 5-day class offers valuable training utilizing the Foresight GCQUAD monitor and simulator. Every student will have their own workbench for intensive, hands-on learning, and constructive feedback.

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