Comparing Mitchell Golf Angle Machines

What you can expect with a Mitchell Golf Angle Machine

Mitchell Golf is proud to offer the industry’s most reliable and accurate club repair equipment manufactured in Albion, Michigan. Depending on your preferences and price points, we offer several different angle machine models. And whichever machine you choose, it’s guaranteed to be  100% accurate and 100% repeatable.


One difference in a Mitchell Golf Machine compared to our competitors is that we use precision bearings and rails. Our competitors’ machines use a rod system. The disadvantage is that there is play in the rods, which can cause an inconsistent reading. Mitchell machines also do not need to know what club is registered in the device — you’ll get the real-time loft and lie reading regardless of what the number on the sole of the club says.

All models accommodate both right- and left-handed clubs. Except for the Steelclub machine, all machines feature precision bearings and rails for 100% repeatable readings. Even without using bearings or rails, the gauge on Steelclub is 100% accurate. Calibration of the machines is not required unless a scale has been removed. They all come packaged with an adjustable bending bar, floor mount stand, and sleeve anchors to attach the stand to a concrete floor.

Model Types

Mitchell Golf Angle Machine for Irons, Hybrids, and Metal Woods
Steelclub Signature Angle Machine for Irons, Hybrids & Metal Woods

Signature Machine – This is our only model that can accommodate woods and hybrids. The Signature line operates differently from our other models to accommodate the crown of the woods. The face fixture of the Signature model pivots and rotates. All other models use a fixed A-frame face fixture. An added benefit of the face fixture on the Signature machine is that every hosel will be in the same vertical bending position. The loft of the irons in non-signature models will determine the hosel position when bending.

Any club that uses an adapter cannot be adjusted. However, the Signature machine is still precious to verify that the adapter settings are accurate. Bonded woods and hybrids can be changed with a 3/4″ non-painted hosel. The Signature machine comes packaged with a standard and a short hosel adjustable bending bar and attachments for woods and hybrids. The top clamp also has a rubber pad to protect the wood crown.

Signature Irons Machine

The Signature Irons machine operates identically to the Signature machine. Upgrading the machine to accommodate wood and hybrid is also available. The irons-only version does not include the rubber top clamp, short hosel bending bar, or hybrid and wood attachments.

TourGauge Machines

There are two iron machines in the TourGauge line. The TourGauge digital model is our line’s only digital option for irons. You cannot change any analog devices to digital or digital to analog. We offer a trade-in program if you want to upgrade to a different model.

TourGauge Digital Machine – The machine will display readings immediately on the display unit in ¼-degree readings. A magnet on the shaft cradle assists with registering the steel shaft in the device. You only need to calibrate the machine when it has been powered off. Insert the zero pin into two locations, one for the loft and the other for a lie. Hit the zero button on the display unit with the locked pin in position. You’re now ready to get to work!

TourGauge Irons Machine – Uses the same technology as the digital but with an engraved analog scale.

We strongly recommend securing the machine to concrete for any Mitchell Golf Machine. The pricing on the website (US currency) includes the floor mount stand, bending bar, and sleeve anchors to attach the stand to the concrete. By securing the bending machine into concrete, the only component moving during the bend is the club’s hosel. This allows you to feel how much the club is moving during the bend, providing instant feedback without having to prevent the machine from moving.

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