Dynamic Lie Fitting for Hybrids

As golfers replace their long irons with utility clubs, shaft length and other considerations always come into play, but the most overlooked specification when purchasing a hybrid is its lie and the effect that it will have on club performance.

When choosing a hybrid, you find that some have rounded soles while other hybrids have a very flat sole. For any hybrid, remember that one lie angle is not designed to fit all golfers.

A club’s lie angle will influence the direction the ball starts when hit. Therefore, it’s just as important that the hybrid angle dynamically fits your swing: just like your irons. Hybrid clubs are designed with a low center of gravity to increase the trajectory. So, an incorrect lie angle with a higher trajectory shot will increase the off-line direction more than a low trajectory shot with a long iron.

Several club manufacturers do make hybrid clubs with a long polished hosel that can be adjusted. You should consider this when you make a purchase and have a “Recognized” Mitchell Club Repair Shop fit you to a proper lie angle.

Example of typical lie imprints.
This illustration shows the imprint moving from the leading edge to the rear of the club’s sole. This indicates that the clubface is closed on the leading edge and open on the rear edge. Notice that the imprint has moved from the toe to the heel of the club. This indicates that the club is too flat when marked on the toe and too upright when on the heel.

The ideal mark will be an imprint in the center of the sole from heel to toe and from leading edge to rear of sole.

Many more impact marks can occur then shown above, so It is important to understand how to read them. An important tip is to always consider the face plane: Do not just read heel to toe relationship to determine lie fitting recommendations. In addition, disregard marks that appear on leading and trailing edges.

We hope this helps for all the hybrid situations that “lie” ahead for you! If you have any questions regarding dynamic lie fitting, feel free to contact me at patrick@mitchell.golf.com.

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