Golf Club Repair Vac: Maximize workspace in a cleaner and healthier environment

Nothing bothers a skilled professional more than working in dirty or cramped conditions, which is why the Mitchell Golf Club Repair Vac is the perfect solution for today’s golf club builders and repair technicians.

The Mitchell golf Club Repair Vac is a low noise, high volume and high-pressure air movement system. It cranks out 1200cf per minute of down-draft to eliminate the shaft dust you create for a cleaner and healthier work place.

The down-draft system pulls dust through two specially-coated filters that capture dust particulates as small as 8-micron in size. These special filters are available for replacement and are necessary to ensure the vacuum creates enough pressure to operate efficiently. Using other filters that are not designed for the Repair Vac will not work properly.

Maximize space and minimize dust and debris

The Mitchell Golf Club Repair Vac is also designed to maximize space, which is why this re-invented model features a smaller footprint and increased CFM’s then the original.  The included brake lock casters also make the Vac easy to move around anywhere in your workspace.
Another great feature of the Repair Vac is that the motors can be anchored to the top of the unit to make shaft cutting, ferrule turning, buffing and grinding a cleaner and safer process.  The Club Vac’s internal blower motor pulls dust and smoke into the filters so that you can maintain a healthier environment while making golf club alterations.  ​

Other great features:

  • Supports two double-arbor motors
  • Four downdraft vents strategically located to collect dust, dirt and smoke
  • Manufactured from steel with a powder coat finish
  • 100v or 230v for electric outlets
  • Dimensions are 30” wide by 36” long by 40” high
  • 1200 cubic feet per minute down-draft vacuum

Keep you and your shop looking great while you work in a better environment with the Mitchell Golf Repair Vac. It’s all the versatility you need in a compact, hard-working vacuum.

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