Setting up a new golf club repair/build workshop at home

Club Fitting Loft and Lie Equipment for the Do-it-Yourselfer

Patrick has received several inquiries about setting up a new home golf club repair / build workshop. More and more, golfers want to reshift, measure, and adjust the loft and lie of their clubs themselves. Another point of interest is the classes Mitchell Golf has available to learn about club fitting, whether it is for your set or to do it for others.

Regarding equipment, here is a list of recommended machines for a digital package setup. We also have some non-digital options for irons.

Common Golf Club Repairs

  1. Re-Gripping:

    • Over time, golf grips wear out, affecting your ability to maintain a secure hold on the club. Re-gripping involves replacing the old, worn grips with new ones, improving comfort and control.
  2. Shaft Replacement:

    • The shaft is a critical component of a golf club. If it becomes damaged or you want to upgrade, shaft replacement may be necessary. Different shaft materials and flexibilities can impact your swing and ball trajectory.
  3. Clubhead Repair:

    • Clubheads can get dented, scratched, or even loose over time. Repairing or replacing the clubhead ensures it maintains its original design and performance.
  4. Length Adjustment:

    • Golfers may find that a club’s length doesn’t suit their swing or playing style. Adjusting a club’s length can make it more comfortable and improve overall performance.
  5. Lie and Loft Adjustments:

    • Fine-tuning the lie (the angle between the clubhead and the shaft) and loft (the angle of the clubface) can significantly impact shot accuracy. Adjustments are often made based on a golfer’s swing mechanics.

Importance of Regular Maintenance

Regular golf club maintenance is essential for several reasons:

  • Consistent Performance:

    • Well-maintained clubs ensure consistent performance on the golf course, helping you achieve better accuracy and distance in your shots.
  • Prevention of Further Damage:

    • Timely repairs prevent minor issues from turning into major problems, saving you money in the long run.
  • Personalization:

    • Customizing your clubs through repairs or adjustments allows you to tailor your equipment to your unique playing style, improving overall comfort and performance.
Mitchell Golf TourGauge Digital Putter Machine
Note: Although all our machines will accommodate most styles, some features are unique to particular machines. Go to to learn about the differences in our machines.

Recommended Machines

Mitchell Golf TourGauge Swing Weight Scale
Industry’s only CNC milled swing weight scale


Replacing pads.
When replacing the pads on your shaft puller, please remove the residue before applying the new pads. We also recommend after you install the new pads to keep the vise in a tight, closed position overnight for them to adhere. It is important to limit the amount of solvent that travels down the shaft, as the solvent will break down the adhesive on the rubber pads. When it is time for replacement, here is a link for the replacement rubber pads

Machine maintenance. There are also a few things you should do to ensure your machine’s longevity and performance. Spray WD-40 on black oxide parts weekly and apply high temp blue grease on the threads every three months. The face fixture tape (which protects the clubface) should be replaced when necessary. A roll of this tape comes with your machine for convenience. You can also check out our blog on machine maintenance here:

Shown: Pro Tour Grip Vise, Grip Tape Dispenser, Build-Up Tape Dispenser, Solvent Tray, 40″ Floor Mount Stand & Hardware, Storage Shelf, Dual Club Racks




If you are looking more for a regripping station, the following Mitchell Golf products will get you on your way:

Re-Gripping Station Options



Performance Studio: For updates and info on performance school classes that we offer, go to: We will be adding 2022 dates shortly.

When looking at our performance schools, please note that the 2-day class is not required to take the 5-day master class. The two-day will cover your basic repairs, loft, and lie adjustments, and how to use the Mitchell Equipment. The 5-day class goes into more detail on how to build a custom set to specific specifications, swing weight, CPM, length, and loft and lie. We also cover fitting in the 5-day offering. Have questions on setting up a golf club repair workshop, or a club fitting class, talk to our pro Patrick!


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