8 Most-Asked Mitchell Golf Machine and Club Fitting Questions Answered

Many of you have been talking to Patrick about the questions you have. He has been compiling the ones that get asked most frequently and wanted to share these with everyone.

1. Does my Mitchell Golf Bending Machine need to be level on the floor mount stand to get an accurate measurement?

No. All Mitchell Golf Angles Machines secure to the baseplate of the machine, which is level. That is what is used for determining accurate readings.

2. Does my machine require any maintenance?

Yes, there are a few things you should do to ensure your machine’s longevity and performance. Spray WD-40 on black oxide parts weekly and apply high temp blue grease on the threads every three months. The face fixture tape (which protects the clubface) should be replaced when necessary. A roll of this tape comes with your machine for convenience. You can also check out our blog on machine maintenance here: https://www.mitchellgolf.com/clean-and-protect-maintenance-tips-for-your-mitchell-golf-machines/

3. How can I prevent my clubs from getting marred?

Mitchell Golf Steelclub Iron Brass Bending Bar
Heavy-duty brass bar is best for bending forged irons.

When bending a club, the machine needs to be of a harder material then the club that it is adjusting. Because it is a harder material, some small marring is possible. We do offer options to help limit the amount of marring.  These include aluminum top clamps, brass sole rests, and a brass bending bar.

4. What are the differences in Mitchell Golf Bending Machines?

This is one of our most asked questions. Although all our machines will accommodate most styles, some features are unique to particular machines.
Watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yj6efEqCLBs, which explains the differences in our machines. You can also skip ahead in the video to a segment focusing on the particular Mitchell Golf Machine that you want more information on.

5. Do you sell different floor mount stands for different machines?

All our machines stands are universal. The included floor mount stand instructions show you how to mount your Mitchell Golf Bending Machine. They also tell you how much space you will need to have the room to bend your clubs properly.

6. Can I get my Mitchell Golf Machine refurbished?

Yes. There is a $350 flat fee to have your machine refurbished. This includes fitting your machine with new scales and any replacement parts needed, removal of any rust on the machine, re-blacken rusted parts, and a re-calibration.

SteelClub Machine Before Refurbishing
SteelClub Machine After Refurbishing

7. Do you sell used Mitchell Golf Bending Machines?

We do sell occasionally sell Certified Preowned Machines when they become available, but that isn’t on a consistent basis. The best thing to do is to contact Patrick to inquire about availability.

8. Can I bend an adjustable hosel in a Mitchell Golf Signature Machine?

If it is an adjustable hosel, it cannot be bent at all. However, the Signature machine is still an excellent spec gauge to verify your clubs’ adjustable settings.


Have another question? Give Patrick a call at 800.437.1314 or email him at patrick@mitchellgolf.com

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