For Mitchell Golf and Ben Hogan Golf, accuracy is the name of the custom club game.


The old Scottish golf professionals knew a thing or two about golf, including making the golf clubs which help start the evolution of club making and repair. Popularity for the game grew, and soon the U.S. came on board as  The United States Golf Association (USGA) was established in 1894. By the turn of the century, more than 1000 golf clubs had been formed throughout the USA.

With this emergence of golf clubs came many opportunities for these early golf professionals to bring their club making skills to America. Their knowledge helped design courses as well as teach golf to those who had an interest in learning this great game.

Today’s golf professionals are putting more emphasis on learning the valuable skills of club fitting and club building for good reason. Golfers want clubs that are in harmony with their swing. And as their swing evolves or changes due to numerous factors, club specs must be analyzed to ensure everything matches up.

That’s why today’s club builders and club fitters need to have the knowledge and offer the equipment that can accurately measure golf club specifications and make necessary alterations based on the golfer’s mechanics. One such club builder who takes great pride in club customization is Ben Hogan Golf.



Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company: Hand-crafted in Fort Worth.

Founder Ben Hogan promised to do things differently and to manufacture clubs ‘as near perfect as modern-day tools can perform.’ That promise still holds true today with high-quality clubs designed, built, and shipped in the USA.

And which machines does Ben Hogan use in their quest for perfection? Mitchell Golf.

Mitchell Golf plays a very big role in assuring that Ben Hogan Golf delivers the very best in club performance. From precise adjustments down to a single gram, and loft and lie accuracy down to 1/4 degree, Mitchell Golf machines help ensure that each set of clubs matches its unique build requirements.

Currently, Ben Hogan uses Two TourGauge Digital Irons Machines and the TourGauge Digital Putter Machine and two additional TourGauge Irons Machines (non-digital).

The Mitchell Golf TourGague Swing Weight Scale, the Mitchell Golf DigiFlex Frequency Meter, the Mitchell Golf Club Repair Vac as well as other Mitchell Golf accessories are also par for the course. Every Mitchell Golf machine plays an important role in Ben Hogan Golf’s desire to build the highest performing custom club.

“Everything we do relies on Mitchell Golf and the fact that their machines are 100% accurate,” states Cory Anderson, Production Manager at Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company. And the accuracy of Mitchell Golf Machines gives Ben Hogan the confidence to tell customers that their clubs are as near perfection as they can be.


For Ben Hogan Golf, accuracy and craftsmanship are the core values they’ve built a reputation on.  Just like Mitchell Golf.


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