Mitchell Golf performance golf packages give colleges and universities their best shot at excellence.

Mitchell golf has a series of packages priced and packed especially for collegiate golf programs looking to equip, expand, or upgrade their tools for woods, hybrids, irons, and putters.  Colleges benefit by receiving the best value for the best equipment available. Because just like clubs, not all angle bending machines are created equal.

And just as universities and colleges follow their own important traditions, manufacturing precision machines that are built to last is a proud Mitchell Golf tradition. A small investment upfront offers a return on investment in terms of reliability and durability that your facility can enjoy for many years.

Become a quick study at a Mitchell Golf Performance School.

Mitchell Golf also offers 4-day classes covering Club Building, Club Repair and Club Alteration utilizing the Foresight GCQUAD monitor and simulator.
Students will learn how to repair, assemble, and build golf clubs, how to compare shaft performance characteristics, how club performance influences ball flight, and much more.  All classes are taught by Larry Baldridge, Golf Club Fitter and Technician with over 20 years of industry experience.

If you need a different combination that featured below, you can modify a package based on your requirements. You’ll find a variety of performance choices to fit your school’s needs. Please contact Patrick Gallagher at 800-437-1314 or email for package pricing or any other questions you may have.


The Steelclub Signature® model is our premier line of bending machines. The extra handle is a feature that allows the face fixture to pivot and rotate. This allows the hosel to always be in a vertical position regardless of the loft of the iron. Mitchell Golf TourGauge® Putter Machines are CNC machined utilizing a precision ground slide-bearing gauge assembly. Our Putter Machines are available with an analog scale, or digital LED display that moves from the center of the machine to register against the putter shaft. This ensures 100% accuracy with zero tolerance while adjusting for hosel position regardless of offset, non-offset, or face progression.

Package Contains:

Steelclub Signature Angle Machine for irons, hybrids and woods, TourGauge Digital Putter Machine, Swing Weight Scale, Club Length Ruler Measuring Tool Kit and Frequency Meter



The SteelClub package offers the best of both worlds. The SteelClub Angle Machine is precision built and easy to use. You can also upgrade the SteellClub Angle Machine at a later time to accommodate hybrids and metal woods. And like all Mitchell Machines, our TourGauge® Putter Bending Machine has precise measuring gauge assemblies. Compare this to competitors’ machines that use travel rods that flex and become loose, which creates inaccurate and inconsistent readings.

Package Contains:

Steelclub Signature Angle Machine, TourGauge Putter Machine, Swing Weight Scale, Club Length Ruler Measuring Tool Kit, and Frequency Meter


The TourGauge® Digital Irons Machine has precise measuring gauge assemblies to ensure accurate and consistent readings. The digital display makes it easy to record loft and lie measurements, which are recorded in ¼” increments in the display.

Package Contains:

TourGauge Digital Irons Machine, TourGauge Digital Putter Machine, Club Length Ruler Measuring Tool Kit, Swing Weight Scale, and Frequency Meter


The TourGauge® Irons Machine is the industry standard to accurately measure and bend irons made from 17-4 & 431 stainless steel and forged carbon steel. The TourGauge® Putter Machines will register, clamp, and bend all putters that meet USGA approved designs.

Package Contains:

TourGauge Irons Machine, TourGauge Putter Machine, Swing Weight Scale, Club Length Ruler Measuring Tool Kit, and Frequency Meter

New custom colors are also available to show your school spirit thanks to the in-house powder coat capabilities that Mitchell Golf has. Powder coating emits zero or near zero Volatile Organic Compounds, has fewer surface defects, and produces a much thicker and tougher coating than conventional paint.


Questions? Patrick Gallagher, Director of Operations at Mitchell Golf, is available to review the packages with you to determine the best package for your needs and the associated cost savings. Email him at or call 989-858-6221.

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