Regripping Your Golf Clubs

It is interesting to note that with only three components making up a golf club —head, shaft, and grip —the grips are the one aspect that is often overlooked.  Yet they can have a profound impact on performance.

Golf club grips are the interface between your hands and your clubs, which is why they wear out at a rate much higher than the rest of your club. They get worn and they get slippery.

On average, it’s a good idea to replace your club grips once a year. If you find yourself playing and practicing multiple times a week and experience humid weather, you may need to regrip your clubs as often as 2-3 times a year.

Getting a grip.

A lot of factors can break down a club’s grips, such as dirt, heat and the oils from your hands. And if you’re holding on to a worn grip too hard or the club slips in your hands, this affects your swing and your shot once the ball is in the air. lists their recommendations for the eight best golf grips for comfort and no-slip performance. 

A proper grip also ensures better club head control at impact with maximum clubhead speed.  So, when it’s time to determine the desired grip size, the first thing to do is take into account the Grip Core Size, the Shaft Butt Diameter, and the Grip Material Volume.


Determining Grip Size.

When grip core size & shaft butt diameter match, a standard grip size of .900″ will result for men and a standard grip size of .850″ for women.

Taking grip core size, shaft butt diameter & grip material volume into account can obviously have an impact on the resulting grip size, but it can also produce noticeable results in ball flight.

Mitchell Golf Re-gripping Station.

When it’s time to re-grip, you’ll always ensure a professional job with a Mitchell Golf Re-gripping Station.  The Mitchell Golf Re-gripping Station features our Pro Tour Grip Vise that ensures secure clamping and features extruded rubber jaws for a mar-free grip, a Grip Tape Dispenser, a Build-Up Tape Dispenser, a Solvent Tray, a Mitchell Golf Towel, and your choice of the 40″ Floor Mount Stand, the bench mount option, or the portable stand.

The Mitchell Gold re-gripping station makes installing a new set of grips convenient and time-saving, with a look that shouts professionally done. Check out our latest options, and for some handy measuring and sizing tips, be sure to reference our grip measuring and sizing guide.

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